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November 05 2015


The Benefits Of Document Shredding Services


Digital Age continues to witness and workout technological advancements. It’s natural for you to think that businesses should certainly be relying exclusively on soft copy for many their business operations, but printed documents remain a staple in many businesses’ day-to-day activities. These documents should be kept safe and secure, particularly those that contain sensitive details about the business itself and it is clients. Letting the documents fall inside the wrong hands may lead to potential criminal activities such as identity theft and fraud. A very good way to avoid these situations is with document shredding services. Read on and find out how businesses can be helped by these services. - ATI Secure Docs

1. On-site Paper Shredding

Many companies find convenience in on-site paper shredding services. A mobile shredding truck is going to be sent to the location of the company. Employees will collect all the documents to be destroyed. The18 wheeler contains a powerful shredder, this agreement the documents is going to be fed. These shredders vary from the amount of paper they can destroy per hour. Heavy duty shredders are perfect for businesses that need to dispose of large volumes of documents, because shredders can accommodate as much as 5,000 pounds per hour.

A security camera is strategically installed to allow for business owners to watch the shredders doing his thing. This way, they can rest assured that the documents can be extremely destroyed. A Certificate of Destruction is given upon completion of the shredding. In most all cases, the shredded pieces are recycled.

2. Off-site Paper Shredding

This sort of document shredding service works virtually the same way as the above, but it’s catered towards businesses that do not have ample space inside their location to accommodate a mobile shredding truck. The shredding company sends containers in which the documents will likely be placed. These containers are then transported to an in-house facility in which the shredding process will occur. Video cameras are placed in different locations from the facility so the entire process could be documented.

A Certificate of Destruction is passed out after all documents are shredded. Additionally, a detailed report in the whole process will be provided, from getting the containers and transferring the crooks to the facility, to shredding the papers and using the pieces to a recycling plant.

Professional document shredding services ensure it is easy and convenient for businesses to eliminate documents that contain sensitive information. The robust shredders and detailed reports offer clients comfort, ensuring that the documents are not reconstructed. - ATI Secure Docs

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